Exceptional Professionals

FRESH THINKING® professionals are exceptional specialists who are committed to the consistent achievement of the highest possible standards of quality service. Our experts have an outstanding record of accomplishment over the years in the public and private sectors. In the past decade our professionals have built an unparalleled reputation through executing complex multi-year projects to satisfied clients.


FRESH THINKING® experts are carefully selected and trained to deliver their work on the basis of the clearly stated objectives of the project, and in alignment with a common set of values.

Extraordinary Trust

FRESH THINKING® professionals are committed to establish an exclusive relationship with the client in order to complete project proposals, and when successfully won, to carry out the work of the project with dedication. This trust underpins the relationship with the client and enables each person to co-operate closely as a unified team.


FRESH THINKING® professionals subscribe to strict standards of professional confidentiality. FRESH THINKING® professionals have built expertise to protect the integrity of projects, and effectively manage project stakeholders in the best interests of our clients. FRESH THINKING® professionals subscribe to an international code of ethics with regards to research, project management, consulting and coaching.

Fresh Thinking Partnership

The FRESH THINKING® experts partner with our clients to create tailor-made fresh solutions that create sustainable results for our clients.

Fresh Thinking Technology

FRESH THINKING® designs technology systems to suit our clients. FRESH THINKING® utilises evidence-based technologies and proven process methodologies that are adapted for relevance in the local market and tailor-made specifically for our clients.

Why are many successful companies using innovative customer relations systems created by FRESH THINKING®? They have discovered that traditional ways to communicate with clients no longer cut it. ┬áContact us at info@thinkingpa.com to be part of the new breed of companies participating in technology revolutions.