Welcome to the world of fresh thinkers; the crafters of the brave new future.  

With Level 1 BBBEE Accreditation, FRESH THINKING® provides consulting, coaching and technology advisory services to some of the prominent public and private sector institutions, including companies listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange.
Since we opened our doors in 2006, we have been active creators of a better future for our clients in Africa and around the world.

We provide a fresh approach to consulting, coaching and technology solutions, applying fresh ideas through fresh eyes.

Our innovative solutions are audacious, bold and refreshing.

We create new, better solutions to current complex challenges facing the world today, and our approach leads to superior results for our clients all the time.

We are Dedicated, Inspired, and Fresh. That’s the DIF that makes us DIFferent!  Find us at www.freshthinking.co.za